How To Make the Renovation Process Better?

As any other professional service we are always looking at ways to better serve our customers. Through every step of the process we try to evaluate our service and recognize areas where we could improve, through or own evaluation and asking for feedback from our customers. 

There are many steps in the renovation process but I'd like to touch on one particular point, dust control. Its important before any work beings that a proper evaluation of what needs to be protected and how best to isolate the work area from the rest of the home. Undertaking a renovation in a home can create a lot of dust and potential damage to expensive finishes and floors. 

When considering hiring a contractor a discussion of how they intend to protect your floors and isolate the work area from the rest of your home should take place. Fallout from drywall dust can carry through your home and even into your HVAC system, and having your furnace fan spread this dust throughout your home. When you think of all the items in a home, this can be a very large and expensive task to clean up, and you can never get a 100% of it. Before any work begins it is important to isolate the work area as best as possible. This can be done by draping plastic and making sure that it is properly secured, so that it will stay in place, and minimize dust fallout as much as possible. Cold air returns to your HVAC systems need to be considered as well, any that are in the work areas should be covered up to stop your furnace fan from sucking up dust and spreading it throughout your home.

Another important point to consider would be what impact there could be to your floors? The best practice would be to cover all traffic areas with floor protector where workers will be entering and exiting your home, and definitely the work area. Another point to consider is the type of protection needed? Areas where light materials are being installed or removed you might get away with using drop cloths or self adhering plastic films, but for heavier items where the risk to flooring is greater, heavier floor protection is required. 

These are only a few of the points to consider but it's a good starting point before any work begins. Below is a picture of a fireplace makeover we did for one of our clients. The floor are is 100% covered, and the area is completely closed off from the rest of the home. We inspected the areas outside of the work area after the makeover was complete. We were very happy that we were able to keep all dust contained in the work area.


We would love to hear from you. If you've had a renovation in your home what did your contract do well, and what are things they maybe could of done better?